SE cam

South East View

The top of Mount Brace is 2700ft AMSL or 800ft AAL

S cam

South View

The top of Bald Mountain is 3220ft AMSL or 1320ft AAL

SW cam

South West View

NW cam

North West View

The top of Mount Tongbong is 2900ft AMSL or 1000ft AAL

YRYL Current Conditions


Source: Airservices Australia

Aerial Photo

Aerial Photo

Photo taken 11th November 2018 from 10,000ft AMSL Source: Paul Deegan

Synoptic Chart

Latest MSLP Chart

Source: Bureau of Meterology

Weather Radar

Sydney Weather Radar

Terry Hills 256km range. Source: Bureau of Meterology

Night sky observations

Night Sky Objects

Current objects visible in the Rylstone Sky

Daily Rainfall Recordings 2019
Daily Rainfall Recordings 2018
Daily Rainfall Recordings 2017